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Mrs. Mouri- 1st Grade Teacher

I have been involved in Christian education for almost 30 years and have served as a teacher at almost every level from pre-K through Junior High.  I am so excited to have a home at Alpine Academy where I have been teaching first grade for three years.  First grade is the foundation of elementary school where children are learning to read and beginning basic math skills.  Higher level thinking and basic problem solving all begin in first grade. It is my goal to treat every student as an individual - to highlight their strengths while constantly encouraging and supporting them to find success.  I look forward to coming to school every day - not only to see the smiling faces of my students - but also to collaborate and develop bonds with the staff.  We are a true family at Alpine Academy!



Academy Support Staff

Kim Strakeljahn
School Secretary

Scott Dabson
Admissions Director

Diane Beynon
Speech Pathologist
Resource Teacher

Office Staff

Sarah Neumann
Medical Coordinator

Angelica Winebrenner
Office Aide


Ms. Ellingson
Pre-K 3 Teacher

Ms. Diana Sundeen
Pre-K 3 Aide

Ms. Holmer
Pre-K 4 Teacher

Mrs. Dabson
Pre-K Teacher

Miss. Cooley
Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Mouri
1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Carlson
2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Ford
3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Greenland
4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Stephans
5th/6th Grade Teacher

Miss. Martinez
Spanish Teacher


Mr. Sams
Band Instructor 

Mr. Lykken
Orchestra Instructor 

Scott Dabson
Athletic Director