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Outstanding Pre K-6 Education

At Alpine Academy of Rockford, we understand that parents want what’s best for their children. This is why our certified teachers in Rockford, IL go the extra mile to give our students an all-encompassing Christian education and a wonderful learning experience. We focus on strengthening their faith, bringing them closer to their families, and guiding them to have a successful future.

Our school offers a well-rounded curriculum for each grade level from preschool to sixth grade. With our exceptional academic programs and teaching methods, you can count on us to help your child develop into a creative and critical thinker.

Curriculum Overview

Our academics are focused on a strong core curriculum in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, religion, and social studies. Furthermore, special programs in the Spanish language, physical education, music, fine arts, computers, and library are also provided.

Below is an overview of the curriculum we offer for kindergarten through sixth grade.

Reading Program

  • The Harcourt reading series is used in conjunction with novels and trade books
  • Grouped according to needs assessment
  • Whole language concept in relation to language arts and reading development
  • Maintenance of basic skills and phonics as a necessary ingredient of the total program
  • Evaluation of grouping and movement according to progress
  • Reading Mastery Skills Curriculum

Mathematics Program

  • The Silver Burdett Ginn Mathematics series is used
  • Grouped according to needs assessment
  • Memorization of basic facts through precision teaching and computer technology
  • Skills testing and records of basic skills progress
  • Mathematics Mastery Skills Curriculum

Science Program

  • The Silver Burdett Ginn Science series, Concordia edition is used
  • Implementation of hands-on science at every grade level (K-6)
  • Science taught with grade augmentative skills and development
  • A technologically supportive science program

Writing and Spelling

  • D'Nealian handwriting is taught
  • Spelling coordinates with the reading series
  • All facets of educational programs are focused on developing good communication skills
  • Development of each child's creative writing abilities

Language Program

  • Primary grades use the Harcourt Language series and the intermediate grades use the Houghton Mifflin series
  • Language skills are taught according to needs assessments
  • Introduction of the whole language as a valuable component of language
  • Creative and developmental writing and grammar skills emphasized
  • Language Mastery Skills Curriculum

Social Studies

  • Houghton Mifflin Social Studies series is used
  • Use of the community as a social studies laboratory
  • Field trips enhance the social studies curriculum

Physical Education, Music, Art, and Spanish

  • Specialists teach and direct the programs of physical education, music, art, and Spanish
  • A music program with an emphasis on culture and religion
  • Orchestra lessons start at third grade
  • Band lessons start at fourth grade
  • The art curriculum provides experiences in all types of art media and methods; both two- and three-dimensional, including a variety of different instruments in painting and various materials, are offered
  • Physical education emphasizes the development of the whole body through physical enrichment of our bodies
  • Spanish lessons begin in the preschool program and continue through sixth grade


  • Religion classes are taught each day
  • Chapel for the whole school is at 2:15 p.m. each Tuesday; guests are always welcome to attend
  • Religion is a Bible-based curriculum with an emphasis on everyday life applications
  • Sharing in the community and in school is an integral part of the development of Christian values

Library/Computer Center

  • A fully equipped library and Internet computer center are the main focus point of our school
  • Our librarian and computer teacher will teach students per their individual needs or in small groups
  • The computer center is equipped with modern, Internet-accessible computers
  • Students use the computer center at least twice each week
  • Internet-accessible computer centers have also been developed within each classroom

Come and Visit Us

Every Thursday, we have an open house. We invite you to drop by if you wish to look around our facilities and observe how our teachers interact with our students. You will see that we have created a secure and welcoming environment wherein children can safely study, play, and socialize with their peers. We are excited to have you over!

Allow our compassionate teachers to help you in educating and molding your child. To learn more about our curriculum, contact us today at 815-227-8894.